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Constituency Question - New Street Public Housing



Tuesday, 7 September 2021.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton):

My constituency question is to the Minister for Housing, and it relates to the New Street public housing site in Brighton, which is one of the public housing sites to be renewed as part of the State Government’s Public Housing Renewal Program. Minister, with the State Labor Government setting up a sham community consultation process, chaired by a Labor Member of Parliament who lives in Caulfield, there are a number of genuine outstanding issues the community has with the project that have not been answered.

Can the Minister allay local concern and provide a detailed update on the project?

For background, the rebuilt site will include five buildings of between three and five storeys in height. The five buildings will contain a total of 299 apartments. Of that total, 148 will be private market rental and 151 will be social housing (an increase from the previous 127).

A community pavilion is planned for the precinct and draft plans show it being built against an adjacent Airlie Street residential home. A retail site is also planned, which will run up against a Rusden Street residential home.

Understandably, the Government owes local residents an explanation as to the impact that these two facilities will have on local residents.

Additionally, there will be 212 parking spaces, for the 299 apartments. Again, the Government owes the local community an answer as to why a decision, made under the false premise of promoting sustainability, has been made to provide no parking to 20 per cent of the private rental apartments. We know this cost-cutting measure will lead to more cars filling up local streets.

And finally, the underground parking egress to the site is planned near to a blind bend where Rusden and New Streets meet. That spot will also host a bus stop. Local constituents want to know how all of these moving parts will fit safely.

Minister, there are genuine questions about this development. Sadly, the community hasn’t been given detailed answers to these genuine questions.

I look forward to the Minister’s response.

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